Spring Farmers Market!

This Wednesday, May 26, we will host our first Farmers Market of the year in the Reality Center parking lot! The market will run from 5pm-6:30pm, and will feature Reality Farm produce (produce is free, but sign-up is required)! Members of our Reality community will also be there as vendors, offering some of their goodsContinue reading “Spring Farmers Market!”

Spring at the Farm!

(Written by Isa DeGuzman) Peas are sprouting, flowers are blooming, and the Reality Farm crew is back! The excitement at the farm this week was palpable. WE shared many joyous elbow bumps and life-updates, after more than a year apart. Some of the activities this week included seeding okra, mulching new garden beds, planting cucumbers,Continue reading “Spring at the Farm!”

Welcome, Isa!

We are so lucky to have Isa DeGuzman on our team this year while she takes a gap year from college! She’s been working with the Farm and Cafe this season, and has been an indispensible part of keeping everything going as we prepare to welcome our community back to the Farm and Cafe inContinue reading “Welcome, Isa!”

Spring Goodness!

Spring at the Farm has brought warm days, plenty of rain, and lots of growth! We have been working hard to get our soil ready and our seeds planted, with the goal of harvesting our first crops during the first week of May, just in time for the beginning of our spring/summer produce distribution! SoContinue reading “Spring Goodness!”


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