Garlic Harvest

Our June Saturday workday was Garlic Harvest day at the Reality Farm! Harvesting garlic is special and celebratory work. Unlike other crops which are harvested weekly for weeks or months, garlic harvest is a once-a-year occurrence. When it’s ready, it’s all ready at once. And it takes its time to get ready. We planted ourContinue reading “Garlic Harvest”

May Update

Late spring is a beautiful time at the Reality Farm! Everywhere we look, there is verdant growth. Our leafy vegetables, encouraged by the month of cool weather and plentiful rain, are flourishing. In the past month, we have harvested our best-ever beets, kale, chard, peas, spring onions, lettuce and parsley! Even as we celebrate whatContinue reading “May Update”

Meet the Team: Sergei

About our ‘Meet the Team’ series: We have a stellar group of farmers at the Reality Farm! They work hard and enthusiastically, and do a beautiful job. This summer, I hope to highlight members of our farm team regularly on this blog, so our Reality community can learn about the wonderful work they do! MeetContinue reading “Meet the Team: Sergei”

Paying Attention

Every morning at the farm, we begin our time together by paying attention. Gathered in the shade of the generous pin oak tree, we sit still and (mostly) quiet, and try to focus on what we can see, or feel, or hear, or smell. Sometimes, we notice the colors around us–tender, vibrant greens, pops ofContinue reading “Paying Attention”

Strawberry Shortcakes

It’s strawberry season! Our Cafe team has talked a lot about what it means to cook and eat seasonally. We try our best to work with ingredients that are fresh and local. This means we work within the rhythm of the earth, eating what is ripe in any given season. To our delight, spring meansContinue reading “Strawberry Shortcakes”

Sacred Space

The day stills to a pink dusk around me as I check on the new spring plants.  The lettuces, kale, and broccoli, which had looked so grown up and healthy in their seed trays, seem small and vulnerable now in the ground.  It won’t be that way for long, but for now, they need aContinue reading “Sacred Space”

Dirt People

“You have come from dust, and to dust you will return.” With these somber words, the church has entered once more into the season of Lent. Perhaps some of us went to church, lining up to receive the sign of the cross in ashes on our foreheads. A grim reminder of our mortality in theseContinue reading “Dirt People”

Scones Three Ways

Our Cafe team tried something new last Friday! It is the newest new thing in a string of new things, as our team strives to respond to COVID and stay true to our desire to make good food and offer hospitality to our community. I feel very proud of the way the Reality Cafe teamContinue reading “Scones Three Ways”


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