Beekeeping Crew!

This year, the Reality Farm has had some special guests…a colony of honeybees! Our beekeeping interest group, along with beekeeper John, has been carefully tending the bees all spring and into the summer, and last week it was finally time to extract the honey! They suited up and carefully removed the frames of honey fromContinue reading “Beekeeping Crew!”

Learning New Skills

So, I’m new on the Reality Farm. Most of the people I work with everyday, like Amy, Camille, Isa, and the farming groups, have been working the soil here for a long time. But for me, every skill is a new skill, and every experience a new experience. A lot of the time, I messContinue reading “Learning New Skills”

Spring Farmers Market!

This Wednesday, May 26, we will host our first Farmers Market of the year in the Reality Center parking lot! The market will run from 5pm-6:30pm, and will feature Reality Farm produce (produce is free, but sign-up is required)! Members of our Reality community will also be there as vendors, offering some of their goodsContinue reading “Spring Farmers Market!”


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